Noel Ortiz, Head of Growth & Marketing, Seqera Labs

Noel Ortiz

Head of Growth & Marketing
- Seqera Labs
- Optimus Price
VP of Marketing
- Aizon

Noel has over two decades of experience in leading marketing, communications and commercial roles within the pharmaceutical and telecoms industries, including companies such as Novartis, Accenture or Almirall. He is currently VP of Growth & Marketing at Seqera, a company that exists to accelerate scientific discovery by improving the way researchers share and analyse scientific data.

He brings his broad international experience and exposure to complex and regulated industries to ensure every message reaches the right audience, taking into account their journeys, culture and expectations.

After spending more than fifteen years abroad, living in six different countries, Noel recently relocated back to Spain. He speaks five languages, is passionate about entrepreneurship, and has founded two startups. He is also an occasional professor at international business schools, in areas related to Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Growth.

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