Megan Groves

- Founder, Investor, Advisor
- Founding Partner

Megan Groves is a founder, advisor and investor focusing on emerging tech for a better tomorrow.

As founder of Modular Marketing, an acceleration team and growth advisory, she served as interim CMO for over 20 high-growth tech companies and helped several others fundraise or exit. Her team has augmented dozens of seed stage to Series C startups around the world to build and scale core marketing functions.

Megan started mentoring startups at Highway1 and now is an active mentor for Plug & Play Tech Center (Supply Chain) and Techstars (Hardware/IoT, Barclay’s Fin-Tech, Techstars New York). She is also an early investor in a number of hardware, robotics, manufacturing, and D2C companies.

She is currently launching a new company focused on the future of health in public spaces. Stay tuned for more.

Megan splits her time between San Francisco and New York, speaks 5 languages, and earned her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Deep experience in: branding and positioning (especially for highly technical products), go-to-market strategy, product launch, international expansion, consulting, advising, and everything early stage startup

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