World’s Best Boss: Anthemos Georgiades CEO of Zumper

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Jul 8 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT

Anthemos Georgiades is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zumper. At Zumper, based in San Francisco, Anth leads the company in its mission to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. Since 2012, Anth has grown Zumper to 200 employees, 80 million annual users, and raised $140 million in venture capital for the company.

Prior to his work at Zumper, Anth worked at the Boston Consulting Group in London and NYC, and was an Economic Advisor on the 2010 British election. Anth has a First Class BA from Oxford University, an MPhil from the University of Cambridge, an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School.

World’s Best Boss with Bring Ruckus is a series of conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders that explore how the best bosses attract fantastic people, build up their teams, and keep their employees happy.



CEO and Co-founder




Bring Ruckus


7:35 Anth shares how he started Zumper and his relationship with Venture Capital in the initial steps.

13:33 Anth dives into his general philosophy when hiring

17:00 Anish shares on his hiring philosophy across the board

21:20 Anth shares how Zumper has managed to retain his staff

22:50 Anth focuses on how he vets for resilience when interviewing

26:38 Anish gives advice for people interviewing for jobs right now

28:27 Anth describes his experience with delegation as a CEO

31:48 Anish speaks about Salary Survey ran recently at Bring Ruckus

34:19 Anth explains how there’s no difference in Zumper in 20th vs 200th hire

37:44 Anish shares on common ways companies react to growth

43:48 Anth speaks about how the wrong hire can hurt a company’s growth

47:50 Anth shares on biggest failures being a CEO

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