LTV predictions to Drive Growth and Uplift ROI

Partnering with Voyantis, we learned from a powerful panel of growth experts on how they use LTV predictions to scale and uplift ROI.

In today’s changing, iOS 14.5, cookieless world, marketers have to leverage internal data and predictive models to stay ahead of the curve. Our expert panelists shared some of their best practices and unexpected features they rely on for calculating, predicting and improving Customer Lifetime Value.


Eran Friendinger, Co-Founder and CTO at Voyantis – Eran is the Co-Founder and Coo at Voyantis. Voyantis turns LTV prediction modeling into an end-to-end optimization solution. They enable growth and UA teams to shape and control the future, engineering free.

Isgav Davidowitz, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook– Isgav is the Client Solutions Manager at Facebook. He’s a Data scientist, specialized in statistical modeling and machine learning. At Facebook, working with Digital Health disruptors, start-ups and global companies on how to integrate predictive models and advanced data usage into their business while optimizing toward long term growth.

Ori Klein, VP and Digital Marketing & Product at Lennar – Ori is the VP of Digital Marketing & Product at Lennar. Prior to Lennar, he was the Senior VP of Growth at both Via and Eight. Before getting into Digital Marketing he was Senior Associate in McKinsey & Company and Venture Capital Associate at Amiti Ventures.

Host: Anish Shah is the CEO & Founder of executive search agency Ruckus. Anish has worked in-house in Growth roles at Snapfish and Getable. He started Bring Ruckus as a Growth consultancy 11 years ago working with 40+ clients, then re-focused his firm on executive recruiting for Growth leaders.

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