Startup Stories Series: Co-Founder, Mariano Kostelec

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, upskilling and reskilling have become crucial for individuals seeking to thrive in their careers. In this episode, we speak with the co-founder of, Mariano Kostelec, about recognizing the pressing need to bridge the gap between traditional education and the demands of the job market. 

Through, Mariano aims to tackle a common problem; The constant evolution of skills demanded by the ever-changing economy and technological advancements. Mariano talks about how he’s helping individuals make informed career moves by leveraging data, insights, and personalization based on their background, skills, motivation, and interests and connecting them to the right stakeholders. 

Here’s What We Discussed

  • [00:32] How revolutionizes upskilling and career mobility 
  • [09:20] Partnering with education providers to ensure quality in upskilling and reskilling
  • [12:30] The keys to bridging the gap between traditional universities and job market demand
  • [19:23] The early days of building and filling the talent shortage in the job force 
  • [21:46]  Advice from Student Finance’s €39 Million fundraising round – Pitch decks, building a relationship with investors, and building trust with funders 

About Mariano

Mariano Kostelec, a dynamic and enterprising individual, embodies the spirit of a global citizen, having called ten countries his home thus far. His entrepreneurial journey includes co-founding, the largest mid-term rental platform in Europe, which has revolutionized the industry, while, a cutting-edge Fintech platform for global career mobility, empowers individuals worldwide to acquire new skills and embrace new opportunities. Mariano’s professional background boasts prestigious stints with renowned investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and UBS, as well as valuable experiences gained from working with several rapidly growing startups.



“Student Finance is a career mobility platform to address those three challenges and enable people to upskill to areas in high demand.“ – Mariano Kostelec

“The trigger to solve the problem came when we recognized the gap in talent and skills in many sectors, particularly in the tech industry.” – Mariano Kostelec

“When we qualify and vet education providers, we also structure economic incentives so that the actual education provider has skin in the game, in the success of their own students or their own users.” – Mariano Kostelec

“The core function or job of the education provider is to provide those skills and provide quality of teaching, quality of training, but really focus on that job market needs.” – Mariano Kostelec

“People need to continuously reskill and upskill, and this will continue on an ongoing basis.” – Mariano Kostelec

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