Leveraging Podcast Marketing

With more than 117 million monthly listeners in the United States alone, podcasting has officially become the next billion dollar industry. For marketers, this means that podcast marketing has simultaneously become one of the most viable and exciting channels for growth. Last month, with that in mind, we brought together four of the industry leaders who have already established themselves as experts in this rapidly expanding space to discuss the ways businesses can leverage podcast marketing to get in front of their target audience unlike ever before.


Molly Laufer, celebrated Growth Consultant and founder of Laufer Direct, shared why she sees podcast marketing as the gateway channel into offline marketing.

Krystina Rubino, Head of Offline Marketing at Right Side Up, broke down the challenges of podcast marketing and emphasized the importance of patience when it comes to podcast marketing.

Michael Kropko, Partner and COO at Ad Results Media, discusses the realities of marketing with new celebrity podcasts, verse time tested audiences.

Dan Granger, CEO and Founder of Oxford Road, talked to us about the intuitive landscape of partnering with podcasts.

Watch the full conversation:


Dan Granger, CEO and Founder, Oxford Road, Dan is the Founder and CEO of Oxford Road, the leading independent audio agency in the US. Oxford Road has helped hundreds of DTC companies scale their efforts in audio using Podcast, Radio, Streaming, Connected Voice, and more. 

By offering the combined capabilities of Media, Analytics, and Creative Development, Oxford Road guarantees super performance for brands that qualify for their services. Oxford Road was named among Inc 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies and has supported the growth of over 12 Unicorn Companies, (private companies valued over $1Billion) to date.

Krystina Rubino, Head of Offline Marketing, Right Side Up, Krystina has worked in digital and offline media and marketing for 15+ years in NYC and SF, on 70+ brands and products. After investing hundreds of millions in media dollars, she knows how to create campaigns that achieve goals and build businesses.

A digital expert and paid search nerd turned display banner apologist, she’s turned her focus to podcast and offline advertising, and helping companies of all stages to diversify their overall marketing mix and stand up these channels in-house. She started and lead the offline growth marketing function at Right Side Up, the leading collective of growth marketing specialists who have helped more than 300 VC-backed tech companies hit their goals across virtually all paid channels, SEO, CRO, email marketing, analytics, and more. She’s been a featured TechCrunch contributor, conference speaker, and is also an advisor to multiple companies in the ad technology and marketing analytics spaces.

Michael Kropko, Partner & COO, Ad Results Media, Michael is Partner and Co-CEO at Ad Results Media. ARM is a pioneer of the podcast movement and has been leading the broadcast industry for nearly 20 years. As the preeminent performance-based audio advertising agency in the US, they focus on buying media on podcasts, radio, satellite radio, digital audio, and YouTube. Their buying power, industry relations, proprietary grading and monitoring system and deep analytical skill set have enabled them to transform a once upper-funnel marketing channel.

Molly Laufer, Growth Marketing Consultant, Laufer Direct, Molly is passionate about the inflection point when a company begins to diversify their acquisition portfolio outside of digital channels and is ready to dip their toes into emerging/offline marketing channels to achieve scale without compromising performance metrics. She has a decade of customer acquisition experience from early stage ecomm (first employee at to real estate tech ( and scaling offline performance marketing channels for a range of consumer tech companies and startups in-house, as an agency strategist, and as an independent growth marketing consultant. She has directly managed 7-figure monthly media buys across a diverse set of offline channels with a focus on return on ad spend and marketing profitability. Her channel experience spans linear & connected TV, audio (including podcast, streaming, terrestrial, and satellite – both endorsement and produced audio), direct mail and OOH with a holistic understanding of media strategy and buying, creative development, and analytics/attribution.

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