Leveraging Podcast Marketing

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With more than 117 million monthly listeners in the United States alone, podcasting has officially become the next billion dollar industry. For marketers, this means that podcast marketing has simultaneously become one of the most viable and exciting channels for growth. Last month, with that in mind, we brought together four of the industry leaders who have already established themselves as experts in this rapidly expanding space to discuss the ways businesses can leverage podcast marketing to get in front of their target audience unlike ever before.

Molly Laufer, celebrated Growth Consultant and founder of Laufer Direct, shared why she sees podcast marketing as the gateway channel into offline marketing.

Krystina Rubino, Head of Offline Marketing at Right Side Up, broke down the consumption curve for us and emphasized the importance of patience when it comes to podcast marketing.

Michael Kropko, Partner and COO at Ad Results Media, doubled down on the need for patience for companies selling high consideration products, like mattresses.

Dan Granger, CEO and Founder of Oxford Road, talked to us about the importance of being consistent with how you track your spend across different shows when testing podcasting as a new channel.

Want the full conversation? Check out our hour long roundtable discussion below.


Dan Granger

CEO and Founder

Oxford Road

Krystina Rubino

Head of Offline Marketing

Right Side Up

Michael Kropko

Partner & COO

Ad Results Media

Molly Laufer

Growth Marketing Consultant

Laufer Direct

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