How to Scale your Affiliate Program

We sat down with Michael Yewdell, Co-Founder of Campus Protein and BEAM Be Amazing. We learn about his journey and best practices on how he created affiliate programs for both Campus Protein and BEAM, which offers its own line of health/ fitness supplements, controlling the process, from farm to shaker.

1:58 – Mike shares how building BEAM Be Amazing has been one of the most interesting projects he’s been a part of

2:09 – The key ingredients of a successful affiliate program are discussed

2:44 – Mike shares some differences between community and affiliate programs

3:27 – Mike tells us his way on evaluating affiliate models

4:24 – BEAM’s story and mission are shared

5:37 – Mike tells us how he became interested in building a philanthropic affiliate program for BEAM Be Amazing

7:10 – Mike shares on surprising takeaways from his career.

7:40 – Mike suggests building the program brick by brick and don’t expect to hit a home run on your first go at an affiliate program. You’ll be able to refine along the way.



Co- Founder

Campus Protein & BEAM Be Amazing

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