How to Grow Subscription Based Services

We sat down with Jack Gindi, Co-Founder at Cheeky, the affordable custom night guard service. Jack joins us to share his story, how Cheeky’s team created a subscription service around a personal need & tips and tricks learned along the way.

Watch the full conversation:


Jack Gindi, Co-Founder of Cheeky

00:13 – Jack explains how Cheeky got started

2:00 – Jack shares about interviewing potential customer base before launching

3:22 – Key ingredients for a successful subscription based service

4:22 – Different ways to be a Cheeky subscriber. Flexibility is key

5:58 – Jack highlights the importance of customer service for subscription based services

7:29 – Jack discusses how they determined Cheeky’s pricing structure

10:00 – Jack shares what were some of the ways they tested before launching Cheeky

11:20 – Jack advices to don’t be afraid to launch with a product that has still room to get better months down the line. It’s the only way to improve, getting your product out into the market & trying to close out the feedback loop with your customers as tight as possible

12:00 – Jack shares where he gets his news from and why he doesn’t obsess with Startup News as it’s not healthy to compare yourself as you also loose focus from what you’re actually trying to accomplish.

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