How to build a World-Class Brand with Feather, Ever/Body, Better Mortgage & Bumble

Building and maintaining a great brand that stands out and gains the trust of your customers is a huge job. And growing a brand new brand is a completely different job than re-inventing a brand that has already been around for a while. So how do you go about both? Learn from leaders who have plenty of experience doing both for some of the most popular and emerging brands today.

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Kate Twist, Co-Founder & Board Chair, Ever/Body – Kate is a data-driven Consumer, Wellness & Healthcare brand management and growth marketing professional with 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Growth, Product Development, Content Creation, and Client Experience / UX. She is passionate about building emotional connections with consumers.

She has cross-cultural experience in the U.S. and Asia Pacific in Global and Operational Marketing, and her professional background prior to 2009 includes investment banking and strategic advisory to top-tier luxury branded products, retail, and licensing companies.

Derek Callow, CMO, Ex-Bumble, Tinder & Google – Derek is Co Founder and Partner at Nest invests in entrepreneurs and builds platforms to support each stage of their journey. They believe the path to achieving positive impact is to fuel the entrepreneurial spirtit: empowering startups on their mission to solve big challenges in a profitable and scalable way.

Derek is the former CMO + Advisor at Bumble. He’s an LA based Global C-Suite marketer with Brand and Growth leadership experience across consumer tech, automotive, consulting, and agency worlds. He was the former VP of Growth at Tinder and Marketing Director of Google.

Jinal Shah, VP Marketing & Growth at Feather – Jinal is the Ex-VP of Marketing and Growth at Feather. Jinal is passionate about growing purpose-driven brands that are building new consumer behaviors. As a digital-first leader, she has built a niche connecting brand and e-commerce and excels at driving both creative and commercial capital. Through her career, she has successfully lead teams through periods of intense growth, transformation, and turnaround.

Patricia Korth, CMO, Ex-Better Mortgage Huge – Patricia is a passionate leader who believes in the power of collaboration and flat teams to drive industry-defining customer experiences, Patricia is a regular commentator on digital transformation and what brands can do to better serve and communicate with their customers. She has been recognized as a breakthrough leader in the marketing industry by publications including Mashable, Adweek, The Holmes Report, DMNews, and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Currently CXO, Nuula. At Nuula, we believe there’s a better, simpler way to manage your small business — so we’re building it. Nuula is a mobile application that gives small business owners instant access to critical business metrics and innovative financial products, anytime, anywhere. It provides small business owners with the tools, content, and capital they need to be successful in a modern, competitive market.

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