How To Become a TikTok Billionaire with Evan Horowitz

TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform ever, and the window is still open for brands to get in on the ground floor. Come learn from Movers+Shakers, the agency that produced the #eyeslipface challenge for e.l.f. comestics. As the fastest-growing TikTok campaign of all time, #eyeslipface attracted 3 MILLION user-generated videos, 5 BILLION views, and unsolicited celebrity participation from Ellen, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Kevin Hart, Howie Mandel and more.

Learn directly from Evan Horowitz, the founder of Movers+Shakers, as he shares:

  • What TikTok is and why it’s buzzing so much right now
  • How you need to approach TikTok differently from other social platforms
  • Four success strategies for brands to enter TikTok
  • Next steps for your brand
  • Q&A session for all your burning TikTok questions


Evan Horowitz, Founder + CEO of Movers+Shakers – Evan founded Movers+Shakers with a mission to spread joy, and have quickly become the #1 fastest-growing marketing agency in the world (as measured by Adweek). Brands hire us to connect them into culture, drive buzz and relevance. We work across social with a focus on emerging platforms & technology, from TikTok to the Metaverse.

Fast Company named us one of the world’s “Most Innovative Companies,” Glossy calls us “the TikTok whisperers,” and Inc. Magazine ranked us the 78th fastest-growing company in the United States.

Evan is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS Engineering from Stanford. For Evan’s industry insights, follow him on LinkedIn.

Host: Anish Shah is the CEO & Founder of executive search agency Ruckus. Anish has worked in-house in Growth roles at Snapfish and Getable. He started Bring Ruckus as a Growth consultancy 11 years ago working with 40+ clients, then re-focused his firm on executive recruiting for Growth leaders.


  • 5:05 – Evan introduces Movers + Shakers
  • 6:46 – Evan shares the #eyelipsface challenge they created for e.l.f cosmetics – which was one of the first successful business campaigns in TikTok
  • 7:30 – The most viral campaign in TikTok history is shared
  • 13:46 – How TikTok has grown through COVID
  • 21:19 – Evan shares popular campaigns in TikTok
  • 24:10 – 4 ways you can win in TikTok
  • 29:36 – Top Performing Content
  • 31:55 – Evan dives into organic presence and how influencers work in Tiktok
  • 39:40 – First steps to follow when new in Tiktok
  • 41:52 – Anish mentions the Washington Post presence in TikTok and Evan shares on how they’ve built brand awareness with younger audiences through TikTok
  • 45:43 – Evan answers: “Once you make your campaign live, how do you engage with it?”
  • 51:40 – Evan shares on must do’s as a marketer once joining TikTok

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