Community-Led Growth in SAAS

Community led growth marketers know that nothing drives customer acquisition, retention and expansion like a community that is truly passionate about your product, especially in SAAS. Social proof from happy customers speaks for itself, a great referral program is the gift that keeps on giving and launching your product with community that will provide you with honest feedback is invaluable as you scale.

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Laura Coscarelli, Account Executive at Higher Logic, Laura is an Account Executive at Higher Logic. A former teacher, she spent a decade managing online communities and then consulting for non-profits, associations, and corporate customers on how to engage their networks online. Now Laura helps organizations who are earlier in the process of building their digital engagement strategies as an Account execute (it’s easy to sell something you really believe in!) When she’s not cheerleading for her customers, she enjoys hosting fondue dinner parties, restoring old houses and biking with her husband in Washington, D.C.

Jillian Bejtlich, Head of Community at Zapier, Jillian is a quirky, ambitious, and enthusiastic techie who is enamored with online communities and the complex data and psychological puzzles they present. She is currently the Director of Self-Serve Customer Experience (SSCX) at Zapier digging deep into curating a customer experience that delivers the right information at the right time and right place.

Jillian has spent her entire career working in and on communities of all sizes, in all industries, and of all types. She has extensive experience with all things community and innovation management including engagement, strategies, metrics, analysis, and interface (UI/UX). She prefers the hardest, ugliest, and most inglorious community challenges.

As Jillian is actually a data nerd at heart happiest swimming around raw data and visualization tools, she is most interested in digging deep into how data can be used to predict future community user behavior and how community design and interface impacts desired and undesired behaviors.

Nisha Baxi, Director of Community at Gong, At the heart, Nisha is a community builder and customer advocate. Through the power of an active community, any organization can increase retention, crush its pipeline and build lasting relationships with its partners.

At 19, her first job was to create customer success stories for IBM. She didn’t realize that would set me up for a lifetime of enabling startups and customers to succeed through education, evangelism and structured partnership. She had the pleasure of growing a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurship organization to 15K members. She’s built programs and frameworks at Microsoft, Salesforce, and Facebook that are still used today continuing to drive adoption and fostering loyalty.

Her passion comes from the joy of bringing people together to achieve a common goal, and you’ll find her putting together a panel of Fortune 100 execs, enabling teams who are passionate about a new idea, and mentoring and being mentored by folks along the way.


Kayci Baldwin, Director of Marketing & Platform at Ruckus, Kayci has been building and growing communities for impactful brands for nearly a decade. She was a co-founder of Six Things, a brand and digital creative agency dedicated to working with underrepresented founders.

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