Ruckus | Tatari : TV as a Performance Channel

Ruckus and Tatari team up for a panel on how to utilize TV as a performance marketing channel to help your brand drive large scale user acquisition at profitable CPA, build awareness, brand recall, and more.

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Junior Reyes, Head of Marketing at Resident – Junior is a proven business leader with multiple roles in leadership capacities coupled with a data-first approach to decision making. He is adept in partner/vendor negotiation and bringing enhanced efficiencies to team productivity while focusing on growth.

Through out his career, he has increasing performance efficiencies, reducing cost, growth marketing optimization and restructuring procedures.

Dan Guy, Head of Marketing at Lemonaid Growth, Ex – Glossier – Dan is a data and technology driven marketing leader with expertise in building and executing Brand, Digital, Offline, Organic, and Analytics organizations to deliver impactful business growth. Having spent over 15 years in marketing within Online Travel & Online Healthcare.

He has a demonstrated ability to increase profit through marketing as well as finding news ways to improve monetization and unit economics.

Key strengths include marketing analytics, business development, communication, and building successful teams.

Aaron Pelander, VP of Marketing at GovX – Aaron has 15+ years of progressive experience in multi-channel marketing, e-commerce, product strategy and program development. His key areas of expertise include: developing consumer acquisition & retention strategies, digital marketing, web/email optimization, data-driven decision making, leading cross-functional teams, project & program management, roadmap development & execution, budget planning/management, strategic partnerships.

Co-Host: Skyler Logsdon, Head of Sales at Tatari -Skyler is from Ojai, CA and went east to study entrepreneurship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. After graduation he moved to SF to join the on-demand valet parking company, ZIRX (acquired by KAR) as their first Growth + BD hire. After ZIRX, he joined Philip as his first employee at Tatari to help rally up customers and get Tatari of the ground. Skyler has been with Tatari for over 4 years now as is the Head of Sales.

Co-Host: Anish Shah, Founder + CEO at Ruckus – Anish is the CEO & Founder of executive search agency Ruckus. Anish has worked in-house in Growth roles at Snapfish and Getable. He started Bring Ruckus as a Growth consultancy 11 years ago working with 40+ clients, then re-focused his firm on executive recruiting for Growth leaders.


  • 5:30 – Aaron shares how they measure TV’s effectiveness at GovX.
  • 11:00 – Goal is to precisely identify the ROI of the spend that they are doing
  • 11:43 – Junior shares how they measure TV’s CPA – one approach being leveraging third-party vendors
  • 15:41 – Junior adds how you need to build statistical significance in order for spend to make sense
  • 19:45 – Junior shares about his experience testing coupon codes
  • 27:45 – How should brands think about the mix of Linear and OTT?
  • 31:00. – “TV is going to continue evolving over time. Tv isn’t going anywhere” says Junior
  • 37:00- Aaron shares what is the minimum spend needed for TV to be effective
  • 40:20 – Dan shares how long Tv takes to perform depends on your baseline volatility. “Faster than you think”
  • 49:40 – Testing is the best way to reduce risk of wasting money on TV

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