Startup Stories Series: Founder of The Goods Mart, Rachel Krupa

In the realm of food, wellness, and impactful brands, two companies stand out as trailblazers in their respective fields: Krupa Consulting and The Goods Mart. Led by Rachel Krupa, these companies are on a mission to create meaningful change. 

In this episode, we talk about the intricacies of CPG, and Rachel shares profound insights into the essential elements of brand success, understanding your market, the power of building a great team, and so much more. 

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Here’s What We Discussed

  • [01:46] How Krupa Consulting is amplifying authenticity in food and wellness PR
  • [07:17] Standing out in the competitive landscape of the Consumer Packaged Goods industry
  • [14:50] The Goods Mart’s journey into Better-for-You international snacks
  • [21:57] Keys to running two food-oriented bootstrapped businesses in a pandemic 
  • [30:31] The importance of building an incredible team for CPG success
  • [35:55] What’s next for Rachel Krupa? 


About Rachel

With an illustrious career spanning over 20 years, Rachel Krupa stands at the forefront of the PR world, redefining the role of agencies in the food and wellness sectors. As the founder of Krupa Consulting, established in 2010, and the visionary behind the innovative clean-convenience store concept, The Goods Mart, which opened its doors in 2018, Rachel has propelled herself to the status of a true industry force. Her remarkable 20+ year PR journey spans a diverse range of experiences, from navigating the intricacies of D.C. politics and major league baseball to an impactful five-year collaboration with PR veteran Lizzie Grubman and spearheading the West Coast office for Berk Communications.


“A good publicist is not selling things – They’re actually telling you and sharing with you what makes a company so special.” – Rachel Krupa

“Being able to have a great team allows you to do a lot.” – Rachel Krupa 

“You’re seeing what consumers want, and that’s the biggest thing – Actually knowing how to talk to people… And so it’s this matter of this virtual cycle of talking to real customers. Then you’re able to pitch that to editors, but you’re also able to talk to other brands and founders.” – Rachel Krupa 

“Whoever is in the leadership role, speak last because you need to make sure that you hear everyone. Your opinion should come at the end after you listen to everyone so that they’re not swayed by what you think first.” – Rachel Krupa

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