Scaling Influencer Marketing

Learn from experienced marketing leaders as they discuss influencer marketing as a key ingredient of growth strategy. We’ll dive deep on how influencers can help highlight product placement and elevate marketing campaigns.

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Paul Calento, CEO of Trion, Paul is a proven media leader with executive experience with online media in management, marketing and sales roles. Currently the CEO at Trion and Co-Founder of CannaVu. He also built, launched and sold leading video selection and classification (YouTube) video advertising agency and related technology stack, TriVu Media, to Adknowledge in June 2014, as Co-Founder and CEO.

Adam Hadi, VP Marketing at Current, Adam is a user acquisition consultant based in New York City. He helps apps with overall marketing strategy and spend while specializing in influencer marketing.

Previously, he was the Head of Marketing at Draft ( and led User Acquisition at Topps Digital after spending several years as an Economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Adam earned an M.A. in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Economics from Binghamton University.

Mike Schmidt, Co-Founder of Dovetale, Mike is the founder of, an influencer marketing suite for brands of any size. Mike previously founded Listn, which was acquired by SFX Entertainment. Mike has also represented Canada at the G20 summit and graduated in Chemical Engineering.

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