Placing Leaders in Sales, Partnerships + Business Development

At Ruckus, we are experts in identifying and securing top-tier, revenue driving leaders across functions. Our team has a proven track record of hiring impactful leaders in sales, partnerships, and business development who can drive growth and profitability for our clients.

With extensive experience leading these functions in fast-growing companies, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build successful teams in these areas. We’re committed to finding candidates who can deliver measurable results and sustained success for our clients.

Searches We’ve Led

01. VP of Enterprise Sales

02. Chief Revenue Officer

Guardian Direct

03. Head of Partnerships

ResortPass, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

04. Head of Partnerships + Business Development

Made Renovation Logo - Ruckus

05. Vice President of Sales

Open Roles, Venus et Fleur

06. Head of Sales + Business Development

placing b2b leaders

We’ve built leadership teams for scaling SaaS and B2B startups like Vimeo, Browserstack, SendinBlue, Gitbook and more.

Sitting down with Venus Et Fleur's new Head of Sales