VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

VP Marketing | Homeaglow

Sector: Home + Living

Homeaglow is a marketplace that connects households with home service providers. They are looking to fill a new role, VP of Marketing, as they are launching new home service categories in 2023. Homaglow is looking to become the “”Get Help”” button for your home. They serve 80% of the US, and complete 1 cleaning per minute. They’ve seen consistent growth over the past three years and have built sustainable profits.

Meet Homeaglow:

Homeaglow is a marketplace that connects households with home service providers. Today, our sole focus is connecting households with house cleaners. Throughout this next year, we’ll be launching other home service categories, with the goal of ultimately becoming, “help button” for your home.

In 2015, Aaron Cheung founded Homeaglow with Xiao Wei, which was the second startup they worked on together. Their first startup, Homejoy, was also in the home services space, and raised $50m, adopted a growth-at-all-costs strategy. However, after failing to build a sustainable business, they shut down in 2015.

Homeaglow was built off the back of learnings from Homejoy. From day one, instead of focusing on growth at all costs, we’ve focused on building solid business fundamentals that lead to sustainable long-term growth; including:

  • Profitable unit economics
  • Maximizing LTV
  • Minimizing CAC
  • In so doing, we’ve built an efficient marketing flywheel that is able to profitably acquire and serve customers

Today, Homeaglow is nationwide, serving 85% of the United States, completing 1 cleaning a minute. Unlike most companies that grow this quickly, we’re actually profitable on a non-adjusted EBITDA basis. In December 2022, Homeaglow grew top-line 7% while generating 7% EBITDA margins. We’re able to grow quickly while being profitable because we’re relentless when it comes to optimizing every component of our user experience to maximize: CTR, CVR, and LTV.

VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

Homeaglow Leadership

Aaron Cheung, Open role, VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

Aaron Cheung

Co-founder at Homeaglow
Aaron Cheung, Open role, VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

Aaron Cheung

Co-founder at Homeaglow
Aaron Cheung, Open role, VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

Aaron Cheung

Co-founder at Homeaglow
VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

Role Responsibilities:

  • Own the P&L of our marketing budget
  • Hire and manage 3+ IC’s + our existing agencies
  • Double spend over the next 12 months while maintaining CAC at current levels
    • Scale deeper within paid search & social via aggressive creative & audience testing
    • Diversify to new channels
    • Improve bidding efficiency by constructing an accurate predictive LTV model
    • Uplevel our lifecycle re-engagement efforts to maximize CVR and LTV

Job requirements:

  • Comfortable in a direct response marketing org where we have 0 tolerance for spending on marketing when it isn’t proven to be incrementally profitable
  • Expert in paid search & social with background in managing other channel spend as well
  • Although they won’t need to be hands on keyboard themself, they need to be capable of doing so for me to believe they can identify the best tactical decisions to drive performance.
  • Data-driven and highly analytical
  • Capable of leading a small & highly effective marketing organization, where they’ll still have to do a good amount of IC work

What we’re not looking for

  • Brand builders
  • Product marketers
  • Someone whose focus is leading a large team (at least not immediately)
VP of Marketing, Homeaglow
VP of Marketing, Homeaglow

What sets us apart

  • We’re with high certainty going to reach the financial metrics of a public company  in 1-3 years
  • We’re not like most VC portfolio companies that are at high risk of failing.  The worst-case, non-ideal outcome for Homeaglow is a sale to PE at some reasonable net revenue or EBITDA multiple.
  • We’re going to do it without needing to raise outside capital
  • This is because:
    • There’s a clear path to increasing LTV through product & experience improvements and launching new services, which will in turn allow us to ramp up marketing
    • We’re relentless at:
      • Optimizing our marketing to be highly profitable
      • Managing our unit economics and customer retention to maximize customer lifetime value

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