[Role Fulfilled] Head of Product | Parent Lab

Sector: Health

This is a brand new role to influence and reach more parents in need of guidance towards their own growth and how to shape their kid’s experience through life. Through product improvement and gamification they’ll be able to impact people’s lives and contribute to their parenting journey.

Meet Parent Lab:

Our highly-rated app meets parents right where they are in their parenting journey with evidence-based solutions for everyday parenting challenges. We’ve done the research, read the parenting books, and vetted top experts to help you parent with more confidence and less stress. Our app is easy to use and applicable to parents and caretakers of kids from baby to tween.

We’re seeking a Head of Product to be responsible for setting an evergreen product strategy and product objectives based on market understanding and company priorities.

You will work directly with our CEO to take full ownership of our product org. To be successful, you will have experience simplifying and re-building a mobile app, ideally within a social impact or mission driven startup.

Parent Lab Leadership

Role Responsibilities:

  • Lead the product team through the “hardening” phase of the new app release, focusing on critical fast-follows (bugs, UX issues, missing tracking, etc.), user experience, and new behavioral phenomena revealed in the data.
  • Help establish the new key metrics and KPIs around which product performance, efficacy, and satisfaction are evaluated (along with BI hire)
  • Create an in-house product discovery and solution-validation engine, so that the product and design team may arrive at evidence-based design solutions and deliver designs and requirements for features more quickly
  • Simplify key workflows in the Parent Lab app, focusing on a reduction of taps-to-complete, time-to-complete, cognitive load, workflow conversion rates, etc.
  • Explore the hypothesis that gamification of the ParentLab experience may lead to greater viral growth, frequency of engagement, trial-to-paid conversion, long-term retention, product efficacy, and/or user satisfaction.

Job requirements:

We’re looking for a senior discovery- and design-oriented product leader who brings a strong base of product management, research, and design skills to the team, along with a scientific approach to product learning cycles, and a willingness to get in and execute the full loop between strategy, planning, execution, and analysis. 

  • 4+ years of experience in Product Management, with strong skills in opportunity scoring, product & user research, backlog grooming & prioritization, scoping and delivery. 
  • 3+ years in either a product design or design direction role, reviewing and approving the work of designers 
  • Familiar with digital product usability principles, and support design decisions with them

Our ideal candidate:

  • Understands consumer mobile app payments and subscriptions, and has experience optimizing product to support monetization metrics
  • Possess the ability to answer their own questions about current user behaviors by building simple reports in Mixpanel, quickly identifying areas for product improvement and developing hypotheses and experiments to prioritize in future iterations.
  • Possess a clear vision of the future of user experience and have the courage to pursue forward-thinking design.

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