How to Best Communicate your Strategy to your Creative Team

We sat down with Sarah McLoughlin, Director of Digital Marketing at Power Digital to learn about her journey, insights and best practices on how to best communicate with her creative team.



Director of Digital Marketing

Power Digital

0:11 – Sarah shares how she started her career in paid social

1:31 – Sarah adds how keeping your audience in mind and trying to be as relevant as possible with content is key in paid social. Consumers nowadays are very savvy and know how to spot what isn’t genuine

5:51 – Sarah tells us what are some key ingredients in creating a successful social media plan

7:54 – Sarah enlightens us with some of the things that she spots as misses in social platforms

11:30 – Sarah shares what are some of the best ways to communicate with your creative team

14:20. – Sarah briefs us how watching for current trends in the platform is something that is relevant to different verticals and can help in keeping your clients happy.

16:35 – Sarah tells us how due to COVID people had to change their buying behaviors and this was crucial to keep in mind when building your social media plan

18:00 – Sarah shares a funny anecdote as a surprise takeaway in her career.

24:40 – Sarah shares where she gets her industry news from and how she keeps updated with the social trends

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