Community-Led Growth in SAAS Vol II

We had the chance to sit down and dive deep into what it takes to building lasting community in the wild world of SAAS. Laura Coscarelli, Account Executive at Higher Logic, Victoria Cumberbatch, Operations Specialist formerly at Osmosis, Kerri Williams, Community, Strategy & Engagement Manager at Workday, and Melanie Bond, Director of Community at Nanit shared the importance of setting clear expectations with community members and internal stakeholders, striving to give twice as much as you ask in return and riding the wave.

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Laura Coscarelli, Account Executive at Higher Logic, Laura is an Account Executive at Higher Logic. A former teacher, she spent a decade managing online communities and then consulting for non-profits, associations, and corporate customers on how to engage their networks online. Now Laura helps organizations who are earlier in the process of building their digital engagement strategies as an Account execute (it’s easy to sell something you really believe in!) When she’s not cheerleading for her customers, she enjoys hosting fondue dinner parties, restoring old houses and biking with her husband in Washington, D.C.

Victoria Cumberbatch, Operations Specialist formerly at Osmosis, Victoria is a Community & Operations Specialists. Being part of myriad of groups from high school to current, allowed her the space to learn from the best and engage with impactful individuals that have provided a way for her to view leadership within communities. With experiences spanning athletics to studying on Semester at Sea, to overseeing classrooms, to truly embarking on her career with Tunnel2Towers and working with their passionate volunteer coordinators, to being a leader on Remote year, and finally working with top notch med students at Osmosis; over time it’s become clear that community management and leadership are where she finds herself at her best.

Kerri Williams, Community, Strategy & Engagement Manager at Workday, Kerri helps brands connect with their customers in a meaningful way, by listening to feedback, building teams and processes to engage and delight, and assessing data trends while remaining focused on unique business objectives. Her 10+ years in customer experience, community management, communications and consulting has given her the tools to help brands navigate this growing digital space and make the most out of their customer engagement strategies.

Melanie Bond, Director of Community at Nanit, Over the past decade, Melanie has built and scaled high performing and results driven teams. She has a passion for community building and have worked with hundreds of companies with varying use cases to create and build strategic community plans to reach their organizational goals.

She believes that communities empower companies to work more efficiently, have a two way dialog with their customers to build trust while also helping acquire new customers. Building authentic communities is at the core of my work and experience.


Kayci Baldwin, Sr. Director of Marketing & Platform at Ruckus, Kayci has been building and growing communities for impactful brands for nearly a decade. She was a co-founder of Six Things, a brand and digital creative agency dedicated to working with underrepresented founders.

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